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Creating Your Worship Dance

Posted by anointedpraisedance on February 11, 2011 at 1:19 PM Comments comments (10)

As a worship dance leader or member, it is sometimes a challenge to create the right worship dance routine to a particular song or for a particular ministration. If your ministry has been around for a little while, you probably already have a few routines in your repertoire, ready to be presented on short notice. Maybe you don't. Either way, in order to connect with and minister to a certain audience, you may have to create a new routine.

In creating your worship dance routine, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Your Goal: As much as you may want to totally showcase your dance skills and latest steps, remember why you are doing this dance. Are you doing it to convey God's message to the people, or do you simply want to create the coolest new dance? You may hurry to choose option 1. Dancing is fun and praise dance especially should not be boring, but you must always keep your goal foremost on your mind when creating a new worship dance.


The Message: Depending on how you came about this ministration, there must be a message. Have you been invited to a function with a certain theme? Are you creating dances for your own show? Your song and dance should contribute to the overall message. Same goes for Sunday worship. Your Pastor may already have told you to present a dance that will align with his sermon. This serves to drive the point home with the audience.

For example, if the message is forgiveness, then of course you want to choose a song and create a dance that depicts that.


The Song or Music: The song or music you choose must fit the message. If you have a song that readily comes to mind, then great. Otherwise, you may have to search on itunes (or other music website), or maybe even enlist everyone in your worship dance team to help compile a list of possible songs. Then you want to listen to them and ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance in choosing a suitable one.


The Concept: Your worship dance concept simply refers to the "story" that your dance is telling. Once you have established your message, you need to visualize how you will flesh it out. Note that dance is much like drama, and in fact is drama with rhythm. You can choose to simply follow the lyrics of a song, and create steps to match the words, or you can create a drama that may not be lyrical but conveys the message of the dance. I have seen some wonderful blending of both techniques to create really unforgettable dances.


Your concept helps you paint a picture of what your stage scene will look like, and even helps choose your praise dance attire or costumes. If you're going the drama route, your worship dance concept can have a full fledged description that includes lighting, stage props and the overall ambience of the venue. Of course if some of those things are beyond your control, then your concept should only contain the very basics. These include - the characters (everyone on stage) and their roles (what they'll be doing).

So for instance, if your message is "forgiveness", and you choose a song along those lines, then your concept could be to simply create steps to the words of the song OR create a drama with characters such as Jesus, satan, and several "lost" people from different walks of life.


Your Praise Dance Attire or Costume: If you've followed the steps above, then you probably already know what you'll be wearing. The drama I described may end up having everyone wearing something different. Other concepts may involve everyone wearing the same attire. Whatever the choice, make sure the clothing adequately fits the scene, and helps to convey the overall message of the worship dance.

Of course, you want to make sure that the clothing is decent and will not distract people from the message.


The Choreography: Lastly, you have to create your worship dance. Again, depending on the song and the concept, your work may already be cut out for you. If your concept is lyrical, then simply listen to the song and use steps that depict what is being said.

Are you being an Eagle or just a plain bird?

Posted by anointedpraisedance on May 28, 2010 at 2:33 PM Comments comments (1)

God is calling all dancers to be like eagles. He is calling us to have the spirit of an eagle. Just like the verse Isaiah 40:31 says,

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings as eagles

they shall run and not be weary

and they shall walk and not faint

Lets look at the attributes of an eagle:



There are five attributes of the eagle that stand out in the Scriptures. One is renewed or long life (Ps. 103:5). The next two, which are assumed but not described at length, are the swiftness of its flight (2 Sam. 1:23; Jer. 4:13; Lam. 4:19) and the height of its nest (Obad. 4). The eagle, when it stoops to its prey, is swift and effective, lending itself to accuracy and precision. With its keen vision and strong wings, the eagle is able to focus on its goal with accuracy and power, hitting the mark and hitting it hard. Just so, we should clearly see the vision and purpose God has for us and direct ourselves to them with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. However, the nest of the eagle is set so that these very tactics cannot be used against it. Its young are protected by height and seclusion from just such a stooping attack from above that the eagle itself makes.


      The young of the eagle are trained in a unique way, made possible by the very height of the nest. The eagle urges the eaglet out of the nest, and lets it try its wings while it falls.The eagle catches it before it falls dangerously far and carries it "on eagle's wings" back to the nest to see how it is done and to try again. This is referenced twice, in Exodus and Deuteronomy (Exo. 19:4-6, Deut. 32:10-11). Both times, it refers to Israel being brought out of Egypt. The traditional interpretation of this is protection. This is indeed a component (especially in Deuteronomy), but more so this is an aspect of God caring for and taking Israel to be His people. In particular, the reference in Exodus is spoken to Israel just before the receiving of the Torah. And it was effectively this image that the Israelites were to have in mind as God gave them His instruction. Likewise, in Deuteronomy, the eagle is stirring up the nest, that is, urging the eaglets out of the nest and onto the mother's back, so that they may observe. Then she urges them strongly to fly by themselves by tipping them off her back. The point is, that God intended that we observe, repent, learn, and practice His instruction. His instruction shows us to how to walk in holiness and how to use our wings and soar. That goes the same in praise dance we use our wings and soar.


      The soaring of the eagle is the lesson to be learned by the young. The young must learn the ways of navigating the wind by using the power of the wind rather than the power of the wings. We see this in Isaiah 40:31, where "... those who hope in the Lord (Adonai) will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles...." And so this is also the lesson we are to learn. Our lesson is to soar by the power of the wind and not by the strength of our wings, but to catch the wind in our wings. And this lesson is tied in with the giving of Torah on Sinai, and the detailed instruction of the Lord given in Deuteronomy.


      The wind of the Spirit (the Hebrew word 'ruach' means breath, wind, and spirit), as Yeshua (Jesus) says, blows where it will (John 3:8). Those who have been born in the Spirit are to soar upon it. To soar we need to use what God has prepared for us by the power and direction of the Spirit. But without wings, how is one to fly?


      We are reborn with the wings of eagles, but G+d teaches us to fly. And what are these wings? Consider what a wing is - a complex structure of many parts, that coordinate together to catch and navigate the wind. Torah - meaning all of G+d's instruction to us - is such a structure. Without faith, without salvation, without the Spirit, Torah is merely a burden, something to drag along with us as we hop across the ground, and of no apparent use. But withfaith, with salvation, with the Spirit, it is a carefully and awesomely designed structure that allows us to soar on the winds of the Spirit. By G+d's Word we soar wherever G+d would have us go, to be renewed by the power of the Spirit and not by our own strength. Through it we are enabled to focus upon and strike the mark that G+d has set for us. Torah is the means by which G+d enables us to use His gifts to further His Kingdom and to grow in His Glory and His manifest presence (Shekinah).


      Two common errors must be avoided. One error is, to ignore God's instructions and hence strip the wings off the eagle. Such a one cannot fly. If we ignore God's Word and do as we please without reference to His instruction, we will never learn to fly or, worse, deliberately disable ourselves from flying. The second error is to strip the wings from the eagle and to replace them with others of our own design making sort of a "Bionic Eagle." The notion of a delta-winged, jet-propelled eagle may seem an improvement to many, just as a modernized, "delta-winged" theology may also sound appealing. But what we really end up with is a crippled eagle tied to a jet-pack. The "Bionic Eagle" is no longer able to soar on the winds. It can no longer renew itself in strength in the thermals. It can no longer reduce the wear and tear of the world by staying in the thermals. And it is doomed to go wherever its propulsion unit takes it. The same thing happens when we seek to improve on God's design for our lives by rewriting His instructions. We end up following our own wills or the will of our new philosophy and not the will of the Spirit. And we miss the guidance and renewal of soaring on the Spirit with the wings God gave us. This does not mean that we must go only where we have been. The eagle can fly wherever the wind takes it. But we are to get there with the tools and wisdom of God and not of man. God provides the wind - the Spirit - but we are to navigate with the wings of His Word, His instruction. Only with such wings can we soar by His Spirit, can we focus and direct ourselves upon His purposes.

So calling all dancers, no my bad calling all eagles lets mount and soar together at the 2010 Restoring Dance In The Heavenly Realm Dance Conference Retreat!!!

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Go possess your land!

Posted by anointedpraisedance on January 29, 2009 at 12:02 PM Comments comments (5)

Good Morning!


I would like to share and encourage everyone to go and possess the land which the Lord has given and promised to you. I was reading Joshua 1 and when i got to verse 9-11, it was awesome how a woman knew that the men were coming to possess there land. That is how it is with each and every one of us, we know God has given us the land but it takes someone else to tell us. So today i am telling you to go and possess your land that was promised to you by our father in heaven. Your land can be your ministry, it can be a new job, it can be a homemaker, it can a new home, it can be a business, it can be to missions, and many others. God has given us power and authority to possess and to take back from the enemy that was stolen from us. So stand in your authority and power, Go and Possess your land!


I seal this word in the Blood Of The Lamb! In Jesus Name!